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Sacramento: The Place to Taste – A Culinary Destination Recognized by Michelin, Eater, The New York Times and James Beard Foundation

In the world of culinary travelers, certain cities hold a magnetic allure, drawing food enthusiasts from far and wide to indulge in their culinary treasures. Sacramento, the capital of California, has recently emerged as a culinary destination worthy of national acclaim. Named one of the top 12 places to eat by Eater and receiving accolades from The New York Times, Sacramento has firmly established itself as “The Place to Taste.”


Eater, a renowned authority on food and dining, bestowed Sacramento with the honor of being among the top 12 destinations for culinary exploration. This recognition underscores the city’s vibrant and diverse culinary scene, where innovation meets tradition to create an unforgettable dining experience. From underground ramen joins to upscale restaurants, Sacramento offers a plethora of options to satisfy every palate.

The New York Times, known for its discerning taste and extensive coverage of the culinary world, has also lauded Sacramento for its exceptional dining offerings. In a glowing review, The Times highlighted the city’s eclectic mix of eateries, showcasing the rich tapestry of flavors that define Sacramento’s culinary landscape. From farm-to-fork delicacies to international cuisine, Sacramento delights diners with its commitment to quality and innovation.

One of the shining stars in Sacramento’s culinary constellation is Kru, an acclaimed restaurant helmed by owner Billy Ngo. Kru’s fusion of traditional Japanese flavors with contemporary techniques has garnered widespread acclaim, earning Ngo a spot as a James Beard Award finalist. This prestigious recognition solidifies Sacramento’s place on the map as a hub of culinary excellence, where talented chefs like Ngo push the boundaries of taste and creativity.

Where to taste?

But the best way to truly immerse yourself in Sacramento’s vibrant food and beverage scene is by embarking on a guided tour with SacTown Bites. Our Midtown Walking Food Tour takes you on a journey through the heart of Sacramento, showcasing local favorites and hidden gems beloved by residents and visitors alike. From the eclectic flavors of Korea or Vietnam to California’s best hot chicken sandwich, this tour offers a taste of Sacramento’s diverse food scene.

For those eager to explore beyond the city limits, our A Taste of the Delta tour invites you to discover the amazing ciders and wines emerging from the quaint towns of Courtland and Clarksburg. Nestled along the Sacramento River, this region boasts a rich agricultural heritage and is renowned for its fertile soil, ideal for cultivating grapes and fruit trees. It happens to be the largest

cider tasting on a table

Seasonal cider tasting

concentrated pear growing region in the world! On this tour, you’ll sample award-winning wines and ciders while soaking in the scenic beauty of the Delta region.

Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Sacramento or venturing into the picturesque countryside, SacTown Bites offers an immersive culinary experience that celebrates the flavors of the region. So, whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler, come join us on a culinary adventure and discover why Sacramento truly is “The Place to Taste.”

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