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A Taste of the Delta – Tasting Tour

Half day excursion

Quick Details

Adult - Alcohol Included Ages 21+ • Includes 3 Drink Pairings
Adult Ages 13+ • No Alcohol Included
Child Ages 6 - 12
Free Child Ages 5 and under are Free

A Taste of the Delta

Enjoy a half day in the scenic Delta discovering local favorites and hidden gems including a private tour of a pear cidery, followed by a custom cider tasting and snack, lunch with a wine pairing at a family owned winery, followed by a custom wine tasting with cheese, jams and chocolate pairings. Vegan and non-alcoholic options available.

The Tour includes:

★ Guided tour discovering hidden gems in The Delta

★ Private cidery tour and tasting with snack

★ Complete lunch and drink pairing

★ Custom wine tasting with cheese, jams and chocolate pairings

★ Scenic and historical drive close to Sacramento and the Bay Area

Detailed Description

Spend a half day discovering the hidden gems of the historic Delta, known as the ‘heart’ of California. The Delta is a network of intricate waterways, canals and sloughs, charming small towns steeped in lore, 50 plus islands, national historic landmarks, nature preserves and agricultural abundance tucked away just a stone’s throw from the Bay Area and Sacramento. The area is home to legacy towns that were established along the Sacramento River along with the steamboat trade. The famous ‘Delta breeze’ cools the land in the evening on even the hottest days, and its rich soil make it the perfect home to farms and wineries. The Delta is rich and mysterious, a labyrinth of draw bridges, legendary watering holes and even a haunted mansion. Our Taste of the Delta Tour will introduce you to a few local gems that represent the history of pear farming, wine making and the bounty of this region.

The day begins with a behind the scenes tour of family owned Hemly Cider in Courtland, hidden away among pear orchards and fields of corn. Hemly’s outdoor, picturesque tasting room is built from an old airplane hangar. After a guided tasting of their seasonal ciders and a snack, we move on with a pint and a tour of the cidery to learn how this popular beverage is made. Next up, a short, scenic drive up the road to a family owned winery in Clarksburg. Lunch includes a wine pairing. We then head to another hidden treasure, Silt Winery in Clarksburg. There we will learn about the terroir of The Delta wine region and enjoy a private guided wine tasting with pairings of cheeses, jams and chocolate, in their converted barn turned tasting room.

What to Expect

  • Guests will drive their own car from location to location. Maps and GPS info will be provided in your confirmation email. Total distance from the meeting location will be approximately 30 miles. We will finish the tour at Silt Winery.
  • This tour is suitable for all ages, with minimal walking involved. Non alcoholic beverages provided.
  • We suggest wearing comfortable shoes.
  • We recommend hats and sunblock and a personal water bottle. Water will be provided at all stops.
  • This tour will last about 3 – 3.5 hours and includes tasting of 5 ciders, a pint of cider and food pairings, full lunch and drink pairing and tasting 5 wines with cheese, jams and chocolate.
  • The maximum number of people on this tour is 12 people. Contact us if you have a larger group to inquire about a private tour.
  • The tour will not operate with fewer than 6 people. In the event the tour does not get booked for 6 people we will contact you the day before your tour date to reschedule or to provide a refund.
  • Every guest must sign a waiver before experiencing the tour. This will be emailed to you in advance. If you are booking for a group, please forward the waiver on to others in your group.
  • This tour takes place mostly outdoors and we will follow guidelines for safety provided by the state and county health department. Bring a mask. Masks and hair nets are required for the packing shed tour (hairnets provided.)
  • Contact us with any questions or inquiries at 916-905-0031.