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About Us

Sacramento, the capital city of California, is known for its food scene that boasts a great diversity of cuisines. SacTown Bites is a company that is passionate about showcasing local culinary talent and letting everyone experience the flavors that Sacramento has to offer. Their food tours are perfect for those who want to explore the city’s varied gastronomy that ranges from traditional Mexican street food to the trendiest fusion dishes.

Joining one of our tours is an exciting way to eat your way through the city while discovering new flavors and enjoying the exciting culture that makes Sacramento unique. SacTown Bites is your ultimate guide to Sacramento’s vibrant food scene.


We’d love to see you on a tour as a guest. If you visualize yourself as one of our guides then visit our HIRING page to learn about being a guide for us.

Sacramento Food Tours and Beverage Tastings
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A Dedication to Diversity

SacTown Bites is more than just a food tour company. Our commitment to diversity and justice is at the heart of everything we do. There’s no denying that Sacramento is a melting pot of cultures, and that’s what makes our city so special. You can explore amazing restaurants from all over the world in one place.

But it’s not just the fancy restaurants that make SacTown great. We love discovering hidden gems like the best Mexican joint or the tastiest Southeast Asian cuisine. And let’s not forget about the BBQ – some of the best we’ve ever had! We support all kinds of food experiences, from dispensaries to vegan soul food to food trucks and pop-ups. Whatever you’re craving, we’re here to help you find it and celebrate it with you!

Farm to Fork

At our company, we are passionate about providing our guests with an unforgettable experience that goes beyond mere sustenance. We are committed to diving deeper into the essence of what Farm to Fork truly means, and discovering the stories behind the food we serve.

Our belief is that understanding the origins of the ingredients we use, and the stories of the farmers and chefs behind them, transforms a meal from a simple act of nourishment into a deeply fulfilling and memorable occasion. We strive to educate ourselves continuously about the origins of the amazing food that grows in this valley, and to share that knowledge and enthusiasm with each and every guest.

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Meet Our Team

a photo of Heather Fortes, SacTown Bites owner.

Heather – Founder/Owner

After a long career in commercial photography, particularly in the corporate sector, I founded SacTown Bites in 2019 to embrace a slower pace of life and connect with my community through food. As a passionate advocate for the Sacramento area’s culinary delights and the artisans behind them, I launched food tours that offer diverse experiences, including street food and mural tours, wine and cider tastings, lavender farm visits, and high-end chef’s menu tastings. With my extensive background in photography and management, I am excited about the future of my small but impactful business.

Nicole – Operations Manager/Guide

Nicole has lived in Sacramento for 20 years, the majority of that time spent in Sacramento’s food and beverage industry. She has had the great privilege to work alongside some of the most talented chefs in the business. In addition, she worked at Golden One Center for their first seven seasons as they championed Sacramento’s farm to fork standards and created a locally derived food and beverage program for the arena. Sacramento has a special place in her heart and it brings her much joy to share it with others

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Annie – Guide

Annie, a seasoned enthusiast in the food and beverage industry since turning 21, discovered her passion while nannying for Tom Smothers in Sonoma County. Falling in love with wine and its perfect pairings, she resided in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties before settling in Sacramento in 2013. Annie, alongside her culinary adept husband, explores the finest dining spots, making her the go-to for recommendations. With a keen eye for the best wine and cocktail lists, she thrives on hosting tours across Sacramento, relishing the opportunity to connect with new people. Cheers to you and your host, as Annie invites you to savor the vibrant world of food and drink!

Megan – Guide

Megan began giving tours of the U.S. Capitol as a college intern in Washington DC. While her career has taken her on a path to serve non-profits, her love for traveling and exploring places’ history, art, and food scenes has only grown over the years. After being a frequent tour attendee during her travels; she decided to jump back into giving tours and share many of her favorite spots and history within her own city with you. She’s lived in Sacramento for almost 15 years and is still amazed by the new places she discovers in the region. Megan’s favorite things to do include spending a relaxing evening on one of our many pup-friendly patios like Revolution Wine or Canon. Or getting outdoors on a hike with the pup along the American River Trail or up into the hills in the Auburn State Recreation Area.

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Caitlin – Guide

Caitlin joined the Sactown Bites team in 2023, where she enjoyed the challenge of interpreting food. Her go-to cookbook is Love Real Food by Kathryne Taylor and she enjoys watching foodie and drink shows such as “Drinkmasters” on Netflix.

Caitlin is a Certified Interpretive Guide and has spent over 6 years in environmental education and outdoor guiding. Currently, she works in the wedding and event space, curating public programs and memorable experiences for all people.

Mariah – Guide

Mariah Houston is a Sacramento native who has deep roots with its thriving and diverse food scene. Growing up her parents introduced her to cultural foods and events that she thought was the norm. However, going to school in the south, she soon realized just how much of a foodie Mecca Sacramento was. Her newly revitalized curiosity surrounding all things food and drink has been fueled by her love for the food side of social media and her world travels. As a new-ish vegetarian, she has also enjoyed rediscovering new foods at some old favorites. Mariah’s day job as an English teacher and her love for culinary adventures made her excited about joining the team here at SacTown Bites.  Of course, one of Mariah’s favorite things to do is try new restaurants and recipes with her family and friends. She also enjoys hiking and spending time with her two adorable fur kids.

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Kevin – Guide

Kevin is a Swedish food enthusiast–he loves to eat, cook, read, and talk about food. Amajor in cultural studies,hehas workedwith food-related researchin various formsthroughout his career.He has been engaged in research about food allergies, the cultural significance of meat in a time wherepeople’s interest invegetarianism and veganismincreases,andas a freelancerhe wasa project manager for a project aiming at discoveringproblems with food waste and how it is handled within professional kitchens in Sweden. Exploring his interest in both food and research, Kevin was about to start lecturing about food culture in Sweden in the spring of 2020, but those plans were put on hold due to the pandemic.

Kevin camefrom Stockholm, Swedento the US and Sacramento in the summer of 2022, and fell in love with the Sacramento area’s food scene, especially its diversity, quality, and focus on local farm-to-fork dining and produce. Coming from a career within market research and governmental agencies in Sweden, Kevin is looking to do more of what he loves, and that is all things food.

Dianna – Guide

Dianna Ramos is a native to Sacramento, born and raised. She is passionate about wine, food and protecting the environment. Ask her about building off grid houses called Earthships and she will tell you all about them. Dianna loves to entertain whether it’s singing in a band, hosting a party or conducting a tour of beautiful Sacramento.

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Cory – Guide

Cory is a Bay Area transplant to Sacramento who is on a mission to immerse himself and others in the city’s flourishing food and wine landscape. With an infectious enthusiasm for discovering hidden gems and the latest culinary trends, he aspires to be a beacon for both locals and visitors keen to explore Sacramento’s unique flavors and experiences.

Kathy – Guide

After a fulfilling 30-year career in education, retiring in May 2022, Kathy is excited to bring her passion for teaching and exploring to a new role as a tour guide. With extensive experience as a junior high English teacher, Activity Director, and WEB Director (Where Everybody Belongs), Kathy has a knack for engaging and guiding groups.
She moved to Sacramento in 2022 and is thrilled to uncover and share the city’s hidden gems and vibrant culture. In her free time, she enjoys Disney, reading, and travel, always eager for new adventures.
a woman wearing sunglasses and smiling next to a body of water