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5 Reasons to Visit Sacramento

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5 Reasons to Visit Sacramento

The capital of California, Sacramento has a lot to offer from storied Gold Rush history, to ample waterways, tree-lined streets, craft beer, theaters but as far as cool tours go, it has been dubbed the Farm-to-Fork Capital for good reasons. Sacramento offers some fresh, local options of dining out including professionally guided tours of the local food and beverage scene, which is a fantastic way to sample various culinary delights as you learn a thing or two about its rich culture.

  1. Sacramento has been an agricultural powerhouse for centuries, and the city’s farm-to-fork movement is a must-see as it brings together local farmers, major restaurants, including award-winning chefs who use fresh ingredients and are at hand to whip up the most mouth-watering dishes.
  2. It is also home to more than 40 regional farmers markets not forgetting, including one of the largest California Certified Farmers’ Market in the state. So, if you love all-things fresh, then you will be in the right place where you can eat to your heart’s desire
  3. Even though the city is synonymous with being pretty hot, Downtown Sacramento boasts as being one of the best urban forests in the nation, and when it gets too hot during your food tour, you can take shade under the superb tree-lined streets. While at it, learn more about all the native trees in Sacramento as you enjoy a quiet cooling afternoon walk.
  4. Sacramento is culturally diverse and offers various events such as the Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, Carnaval, and if you are up to a little adrenalin rush, the city has one of the most modern arenas where you can watch the NBA Sacramento Kings play.
  5. The city also offers a vibrant public art scene (wide open walls) where famous artists pour in from different parts of the world to paint public spaces in a variety of jaw-dropping colors, styles, messages, and aesthetics. You can also enjoy music and more arts from the famous Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera, there are also plenty of outdoor waterways to explore such as the Folsom Lake, the Sacramento River, and the American River Parkway.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can ski and hike or just laze around the local watering holes to cool off and take in some outdoor nature. Boating is a popular activity in Sacramento, the South Fork of the American River, in particular, is a must-visit in the summer where a local experienced river guide will accompany you. Even though the Sacramento zoo is relatively small, it is home to 140 species, some that are endangered.

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